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Re: Some spelling corrections


Thanks for your suggestions (even though you don't comment on anything
introduced in my patch, but only on issues not touched by me) :)

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 10:30:57PM -0600, doug jensen wrote:
> manpage.  The proposal states more explicitly that the lack of a manpage is a
> # My understanding is that 'manpage' should be 'man page' however, I don't
> # know if it is worth changing all/any of them.

This issue isn't touched at all in this patch, all instances are left
as is for the moment.

> that library and breaks net installs until the dependent modules are rebuild.
> s/rebuild/rebuilt

Added, thanks.

> Being familiar with the Unix environment (and specially GNU userland, found in
> s/specially/especially

There are 39 uses of [Ss]pecially in the English pages, so I rather
leave this for others.

> also contains more upstream bugfixes wrt. dots in hostnames and unproper HTML
> s/wrt./regarding

This change is rather in style than in spelling. I think "wrt." might

> s/unproper/improper

Added, thanks.

> message might overflow a buffer and which could result into executing arbitrary
> s/into/in

I'm not sure, but my dictionary agrees. "into" sounds good to me,

An updated patch can be found here:
<http://ernst.uni-hd.de/debian/english.diff> (161K)
or here:
<http://ernst.uni-hd.de/debian/english.diff.gz> (41K)

OK, if this patch won't find further review, here is how I'm going to
I will commit these changes one after another (against my original
intentions), also bumping the translation-check header of all
corresponding translation in the process. Or are there any sections
where people frown upon foreign commits in their territory?
All unclear parts that will be left thereafter will be posted again as
a (hopefully) smaller patch.


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