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Re: New tag for wml -- help needed

On Sat, 8 May 2004, Denis Barbier wrote:

> > In the meantime, the number of msgids has raised a little bit, and is now at
> > 16 messages, including some longer sentences. Would you think that this is
> > still appropriate to go into the "templates" section, or do you think I
> > should rather create a new domain, probably called "debian-med"?
> IMHO you can create your own domain, either debian-med or
> debian-custom if some msgids can be shared with other subprojects.
I have no ideas about this domain stuff but the debian-custom approach seems
to be very reasonable because I guess there are many common issues according
to the layout and structure of all Custom Debian Distributions.

If you could provide a link about this domain stuff I would have a look into
it and add this to the general Custom Debian Distribution documentation soon
to get interested people informed.

Kind regards


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