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Re: New tag for wml -- help needed

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 05:14:43PM +0200, Tobias Toedter wrote:
> I would put a file named "debian-med.wml" in webwml/english/template/debian, 
> to include the tag definition via "#use wml::debian::debian-med" in the wml 
> files.


> I'm using the <gettext> tag to mark repetitive strings, so translations are 
> easier. However, I don't know which gettext domain I should use. My guess 
> is that "templates" would be appropriate.

It depends, if you have many messages you could create your own domain.

> After this, I would add "debian-med.wml" to templates_FILES in the Makefile 
> in english/po, run "make pot", and commit "templates.pot".

Right as long as domain name is templates.

> This is what I concluded from looking at other files in the CVS, READMEs and 
> the list archive. I could not find a comprehensive guide to this procedure, 
> but if such a document exists, I'd be pleased to know about it.

There is no need for such a guide since you easily found how to do it ;)

> Is this the correct approach, or did I miss something? And last, not least: 
> after the update with "make pot", how do these changes propagate to the 
> different translations? Can I make the translation teams aware of those new 
> gettext strings?

Translators will notice these additions by looking at
But if you warn them, this is even better.
  $ grep Language-Team */po/templates.*.po 
  Arabic        doc at arabeyes.org
  Catalan       debian-l10n-catalan at lists.debian.org
  French        debian-l10n-french at lists.debian.org
  Italian       debian-l10n-italian at lists.debian.org
  Japanese      debian-doc at debian.or.jp
Other translators should fill in header fields.


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