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Re: Debian License Informations - a WML draft


* Frank Lichtenheld (djpig@debian.org) [040402 23:40]:
> Comments welcome (don't take the "DLE" naming too serious :)

thank you for doing this work.

Some ideas of me:
- A link to the discussion on debian-legal (as this provides more
  in-depth information)

- I guess that you plan to put the usual menu on the left side. Links
  from there to the DFSG, the FAQ and the list-archive could be

- How about putting the most useful information in the first line and
  putting it at the largest size available?:
<h1>Open Publication Licenses 1.0 - non-free</h1>
<h2>Debian License Examination 1-1</h2>

- Well, the version is the version of the license? Then I'd rather
  write it as Open Publication License, Version 1.0.

- "Date issued" is perhaps to strong. What about e.g. "Date published"?

That was it for a first run. Thank you for doing this important work.

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