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Re: WML versus XHTML

* spencer.wilson@comcast.net [2003-12-28 03:25]:
> Why does http://www.debian.org use WML instead of valid XHTML?

 Because there is no contradiction with WML and XHTML. WML can generate
valid XHTML, thanks. With new pages we try already to produce them XHTML
compatible, but there are tons of old pages that have to be looked at.

> I'll be more than happy to switch http://www.debian.org to use XHTML.

 This is work in progress. But really many files will have to be
changed, which is happening more or less regularly.

 If you like to change the DTD of the files and run some validate/tidy
(or similar) on the current pages and provide the output it would be of
help, I guess. Locally, in your private repository, of course, not in
CVS, we won't like to break the current pages.

 So long,
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