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Subprojects and Custom Distros

In the list of subprojects on devel/, projects seem to be listed only
by when they were added which can make finding a custom distribution
(for example) a bit difficult as that list grows.

For a while I've thought it would make sense to split the list of
subprojects into two itemized lists: one for projects working on
Custom Debian Distributions and one for the others (like IPv6,
etc). In a couple long threads on -devel in the last 4-5 week this has
been brought up with a bit of positive feedback and no one speaking
against it.

If people don't have an objection, I'd like to go ahead and split the
CDDs into a little itemized list of their own in the Projects box on

There was also a bit of support for a Custom Debian Distribution page
to house definitions of terms and links to resources (we've been using
pages on the Wiki for this since Debconf in Oslo) but since I don't
have text written up to propose, we can wait on this unless people
have major objections to this altogether. I assume that this page
would belong under devel/ as well.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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