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Website resurrected! (mirrors down)


I have finally being able to resurrect the website.  Not all mirrors
are up to date (in fact, only www.debian.org and www.de are).

I've replaced the scripts on www-master with the ones from the CVS
repository since they were fine, and proofread all others to ensure
that they don't contain any malicious code.

I've also run all scripts under close examination manually and watched
something that looked like a full website build.  *sigh*

The most important change, however, is that our internal update
mechanism now uses CVS over SSH instead of pserver for updating the
build tree on www-master.debian.org.

I've reinstated the main cronjob so the website will be updated
automatically again from now on.  I've reinstated signalling for gluck
(www.debian.org) and os.inf (www.de.debian.org).  Since a new set of
SSH keys had to be created since we couldn't re-use the old one from
the compromised machine, all other mirrors were not signalled.

I could handle re-installing the signalling, but I guess that Josip
prefers to do it on his own.  If not, I'm fine with activating the
mirrors again.

The new public SSH keys are:

For SSH 2 (preferred):

ssh-dss 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 archvsync@klecker

For SSH 1 (deprecated):

1024 35 126664448081586048873131979177103494363609328263816164247613044596109095209126705259520273166855802101279482695072689797418605607967769741748770258137088198272948433824110580194615828017925023445143797849888425493406039079189780379739402779234088220244605836646710064798736160456647521219516749267398529604729 archvsync@klecker

Sorry for the long delay, but it's a lot of work reviewing all scripts
and data for integrity.



Ten years and still binary compatible.  -- XFree86

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