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Resurrecting the website


the webserver CVS repository has been resurrected.


I have verified the entire repository against a copy I made just before the
intruder came in at about 00:38 UCT on Nov 20, judging from the

I found several updates by djpig on all languages and a couple of new
translations in Spanish, Russian, French and Finnish, that I can't
verify against anything.  Since I'm not confident in these languages,
the translators were informed.  There's also an update to the Danish
pages that I wasn't able to proofread, Kaare is informed as well.

Additionally, I had to wipe out all pserver accounts since we have to
assume that the password is known.  This will effectively wipe out
update possibilities for some translations, I admit.

However, if those people who had a pserver account and want to
continue their work contact Josip (Joy) or me, we'll gladly install a
new account -- including a *new* password -- for them.  Please attach
an encrypted (!!) password in your mail.

To everybody adding people to the passwd file: please enclose the mail
address of the person in the log message next to the account name,
that makes it much easier reading 'cvs log' and determining which
account belongs to which person.

Unless Joy has re-enabled the scripts on www-master this does not mean
that the website will be rebuilt instantly.  This only means that we
can commit our work again.

Simple way to encrypt a password:

perl -e "printf \"%s\n\", crypt ("SECRET", join ('', ('.', '/', 0..9, 'A'..'Z', 'a'..'z')[rand (64), rand (64)]))"



MIME - broken solution for a broken design.  -- Ralf Baechle

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