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Who has full CVS copies of debian-www available?

In order to verify the integrity of the CVS archive, and restore the www
CVS (and the generation of the website) [1] , it would be necessary to
check the CVS _history_ (not just the last version) of all the files
available in the CVS [2]

I would like anyone that has a CVSROOT copy of debian-www to step forward 
and provide a signed archive of that copy for comparison. Even if it's not 
fully up-to-date, it would be still useful.


Javier Fernandez-Sanguino

[1] available at /home/oldgluck/org/cvs.d.o/cvs/debian-www currently IIRC
[2] If not we will need to import just the latest branch after checking 
it's integrity with offsite copies (which are more readily available) thus 
losing all the www CVS history.

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