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Re: Having problems accessing an English Debian Site

* Joshua Brickel <Joshua.Brickel@alphacell.com> [2003-11-26 17:29]:
> You may like to look into your English web server.  I'm trying to access
> the US version, but when I try to touch on any of the links I keep on
> going to pages in different languages.  That is if the link doesn't
> simply fail.

 Most of the times this is a misconfiguration in the used browser, see:
<http://www.debian.org/intro/cn.en.html>. The server which currently
serves as www.debian.org due to the compromise is a little bit more
prone to such misconfigurations than the original was.

 So, please be a bit patient while we are restoring the rest of the
services, in the meantime you are though encouraged to check your
browser settings.

 So long,
  * The "No, I don't think I actually want any of what upstream is
    smoking" release
 -- Sam Hartman, changelog.Debian for pam (0.76-6)

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