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Re: Debian Front page - small mistake

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 03:06:04PM +0100, Paz Krzysztof wrote:

> I've noticed, that there was a public release of [3.0r2] at
> 21.NOVEMBER.2003, but Debian's front page is still saying us, that
> "(EN)The latest stable release of Debian is 3.0r1. The last update to
> this release was made on December 16th, 2002 /(PL)Najnowszą stabilną
> edycją Debiana jest 3.0r1. Jej ostatnia aktualizacja miała miejsce 16
> December 2002." - while, a few line below we can read the proper
> information in area "News/Wiadomosci" about this: "(ENG)[21 Nov 2003]
> Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 updated (r2)/(PL)[21 Nov 2003] Debian GNU/Linux 3.0
> updated (r2)".
As you probably know some Debian's servers were compromised. After this
unlucky accident every compromised server was shutdown. Not everything is 
working fine since then, because services was moved to replacement,
temporary servers which aren't prepared to support everything in the
same way as main server. Some developers are trying to recover
previous state, but these issues need some time.
> So, while this mistake exist in english and polish language version of
> the front page, I think, this is a human error - so if it is, please
> consider correcting this.
It's not human mistake. Debian webpages are generated by special scripts 
from CVS repository which unfortunately is down right now so those pages 
can't be actualized. Some news have been added manually to provide some
information for users about new release of Debian, but not every place 
on site were changed.
> By the way, I think, that, if you translate some pages into foregin
> languages (ie. Polish) - you should try to do this in complete and take
> care of fragments like this show earlier: [(PL)...aktualizacja miała
> miejsce 16 December 2002..." - making translation of the "december" into
> "grudzień/grudnia" in polish vesion would be nice.
Normally when everything (I mean every server) works fine this translations
are made automatically to each supported language. But right now
Debian's pages are provided by its German mirror which isn't configured
to support every foreign language. You've probably noticed that main
menu (this on left side of page) is untranslated too. 

Please be patient. Everything should be fine after recover of each Debian's

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