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Re: development

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Clinging to sanity, Miguel Vazquez mumbled in his beard:

> Hello administration
> I want help with the web site, maybe with documentation, web design or
> other but i want contribute with it, i have about 1 year using debian
> and I always will have it, I'm Mèxican so i can translate documation to
> spanish or anything.


Without becoming a (registered, official) Debian Developer - which is quite
a bit of work - you can certainly help translating. I believe 
        http://www.debian.org/intl/spanish/coordinacion.es.html and
would be the correct starting points for you (including contact addresses of
the translation team).

Also, there is a general Debian TODO list that deserves a closer look:
(not that some links on the Debian web sites might still be broken because
of the recent break-in on some Debian servers).

Also, whenever you see a bug, you can file a bug report (use the 'reportbug'
command from the package with the same name) - of course only, after you
have checked that it is not reported already, and double-checked that it is
really a bug!

Or, if you're looking for things to do to improve your knowledge of
programming or Debian package internals, you can always look at the
existing bug reports of a package you use a lot - point your web browser at
http://bugs.debian.org/<packagename> and look if there's something you
think you could do (some of the bugs are really quite easy, other require
real deep involvement). Download the source code of the package and start
hacking (using google and the Debian web site, you should be able to figure
out most things).

Happy hacking
- -- vbi

(Note, I'm not a Debian developer myself, nor do I speak spanish).

- -- 
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