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Re: Who's using Debian?

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 15:33:54 +0100
Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org> wrote:

> > > Do you need a translation?
> > Yes, please.
> I asked flow to translate it. Easier for me :)

> > > I'm involved in this organization, so I guess I should help :)
> > Is the submitted information in Spanish or Catalan?  (It seems Spanish
> > to me, but I'm far from certain and don't want to step on any toes...
> > :-) )
> It was Spanish, yes.


> How do submissions work currently? Is it ok to publish untranslated
> submissions?

Yes, but submissions in languages other than English should go to the
corresponding language version; if there isn't one, I don't really know
what to do until Gerfried Fuchs' script to split up the Debian users page
in smaller parts is finished.

If we receive a submission in a language I don't know, I'll ask someone on
this list to verify its content before adding it - essentially what you
and flow are doing now to this particular submission.

Regards, Kaare - <http://www.nightcall.dk/>

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