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Re: The XHTML transition

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:21:06AM +0200, Fabian Fagerholm wrote:
> I read on the Debian Website development page about the intent to
> eventually transition the www.debian.org web site to using XHTML. How
> far has this effort come, and what would be the procedure to help with
> this transition?

As far as I understand it (The last discussion on this topic happened
before I begun to work on the Debian web pages), there are three steps
in the XHTML transition:

1.) Conversion of all templates in english/templates/debian/ to XHTML
compatible WML code. I took care of this, only one or two commits are
missing and I will do them once I can access the CVS again.

2.) Conversion of _all_ other wml files to XHTML compatible WML code.
This isn't a trivial task. New code added to the english site is mostly
okay, but older pages are truely HTML, without any optional closing
tags. It is clear that this is a task that has to be automated, but I
haven't yet researched if there is a usable solution or if we have to
hack some script together. Note that we have to convert the WML code,
not the HTML code, so tidy or something like that will probably not
work. If you want to do some research in this area, go ahead.

3.) Passing the right flags to the wml calls, so it produces XHTML output
rather than HTML (e.g. it doesn't remove /> at the end of empty tags).
This is trivial, one has to make the decision and that's it.

[Disclaimer: I'm not a member of the official webmaster team 
(not even a DD).]

Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.de>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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