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RE: website problems?

Can't read the news section because that part isn't accessible either!

But from the news-headers, which are visible, I understand now that some of the pages and Debian sites are not accessible because they have been compromised, right?!

Sorry for bothering You, I guess You have enough to do now anyway!

Johannes Lyttbacka

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Subject: Re: website problems?

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 12:45:21PM +0200, johannes.lyttbacka@kpedu.fi wrote:
> Are our networks blocked somewhere, or is the "packages.debian.org"
> website down?
> Been trying for a few days now, but can't access that site from these
> networks;
> 193.184.122/24
> 195.148.177/24
> 194.240.228/24
> Traceroute to packages.debian.org stops after
> "p5-1-0.hpatlanta.bbnplanet.net (".
> The main website www.debian.org is accessible!
If main website is accessible so why don't you read it?

And suggestion to WWW maintainers... maybe it is time to set
some additional information similar to information during software
patent protest? I mean special header above other information.


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