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Debian Merchandise at Copyleft.net

Not sure where to ask this, so I thought I'd send it here since it deals with info listed on one of the Debian.org web pages.
The Debian merchandise page http://www.debian.org/misc/merchandise lists Copyleft.net as a vendor.
The Copyleft.net webpage has some nice items displayed, but they do not fulfill orders or respond to inquiries, and their listed phone number now belongs to someone else.
Do you guys know if they are out of business, and more importantly, if one can get some of that Debian merchandise anywhere else?
Specifically, I'm trying to get my hands on the Debian Code T-shirt http://www.copyleft.net/item.phtml?&page=product_569_front.phtml and the Debian Swirl Hat http://www.copyleft.net/item.phtml?&page=product_971_front.phtml

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