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My mess under international/l10n


I am really sorry for the mess I introduced in international/l10n yesterday.
The goal of the change was to split the translated parts into perfectly
translated ones (100%), and underway ones (less than that).

The problem is that I did remove the translated.inc and introduced ok.inc
and todo.inc. It results that the translations where unable to build until
the tmpl.src was updated to reflect this renaming.

>From bad to worst, I did now change all translations to include those two
files instead of the old one. It was impossible to reput the translation.inc
file in the CVS since its content is not generated anymore, unfortunately.

I now hope that I did not mess any encoding. I'm quite confident with most
languages, since they use latin encoding as french (to which I'm used), but
I also had to change the japaneese files. I did use emacs for the
modification, and I guess it will be ok, but could someone double-check ?
The maybe offending pages are:

You'll now that the page are rebuild after my changes from the fact that
fully translated packages are separated from the not fully translated ones. 

Some of you may think that as long as I don't look able to change those
pages without introducing bugs, I should only refrain myself to do any
change. But I was one of the authors of those pages, so I guess that if I
want something to happen, I have to act, and not only open bug reports.

Again, I am sorry about that mess, and I'll try to not mess my future
changes in that directory. 

Another change was the display of the name of translators (without address)
when available (ie, po and po-debconf), and the name of the list. It should
have no impact on translations (beside 2 new strings in l10n.po).

I now plan do modify the build phase so that the link to other languages at
the end of all pages works. But it will need more time to be done right, and
is not planned for the next month, I guess.

I also plan to give the ability to add comments to each file to team
members. I will use data/team.<code> 822-formated databases, and allow
a field
in it. It will constitute a new row in the tables afterward. Or a little
link will be added to the table, pointing to a new page with all details.
I'm not sure how to display it yet, so I'll also refrain myself for now.
Thanks for patience, Mt.

A smaller change would be to remove the list of the detailled page about po,
and add a [1] pointing to the list of mailing lists written under the table.
The better way may be to split the table depending on the mailing list,
since it denotes the team doing this translation.

Thanks for your patience, Mt.

Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.

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