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Re: partners page patch (for all translations so far, too)

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On Thursday 04 September 2003 09:26 am, you wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 08:50:06AM -0700, Jim Westveer wrote:
> > Who put credative on the partners page?  and why ??
> I added them at the request of tbm.  Would you like me to remove
> them while this is sorted out?

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Well, I probably suffer from some sort of memory
problem, but I dont remember the partners group
discussing Credative.  Nor does the entry on the
debian/partners page say what they have/are doing
to support the Debian project, as all of the other entrys do.

All the logos should be around 100 pixels.  That should
be fixed right away.  Perhaps by that time, my memory
problem will be resolved eh?

Thanks for your help.


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