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a little problem with wml


i'm not a maintainer of Debian web site, but i have a problem with wml 
and i not found an other place to write.

i maintain the web site of my local LUG.

i explain :

/  is root directory (exemple)

/.wmlrc :

when i type : wml -o index.html index.wml     ------- no problem
after : cd docs
wml -o docs.html docs.wml         ---no problem
cd statuts 
** i'm in /docs/statuts **
wml -o statuts.html statuts.wml      ---- i have a problem :
i have templates files in /.wml

the problem is :
the ROOT variable isn't expanded in the navigation bar if the wml file 
is in /docs/ststuts/
but is expanded for all other $(ROOT)  ( not in the menu )
if i move statuts.wml in /docs and type wml -o statuts.html statuts.wml
---> no problem

In any sub-sub-directory $(ROOT) isn't expanded in wml navbar tags but 
is expanded in in the file because i tested with :
navbar declaration
and my navbar start with ../..

in any sub-directory, no problem.

if you have think about this problem , thank

excuse my poor english.

thank you

VIVE Le Logiciel Libre
enjoy Free Software

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