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Re: ISO images removed from ftp.debian.org ???

Hi Josip,

Thank you for prompt reply!

> > I tried many mirrors and could not find ISO image for hppa platform
> > http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/
> Really? I can see them at
Ops, I was not so lucky. Thank you!

> Actually, ftp.debian.org is basically kept for backwards compatibility
> only.
> We don't like users to concentrate on a central set of servers in the
> US
> when there's a 300-tier mirror network available...
It could be mentioned somewhere in very BOLD letters. Some people think
ftp.debian.org is the most official place.

> > Some mirrors contain ISO images, but only for i386 platform.
> That's unfortunately the reality -- people don't want to mirror ISO
> images
> in general, and those that do commonly don't want to spend space on
> non-popular architectures.

>From user point of view it's not convenient to try tens of mirrors (not really
mirors because they are different) one by one. It would be nice to have links
from debian web page to ftp sites containing non-popular architectures images.



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