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Re: New version of nm-step2

* Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.de> [2003-08-06 21:46]:
> <p>If you are looking for developers in any specific areas to sign your
> GPG public key, the <a href="http://nm.debian.org/gpg.php";>key signing
> coordination page</a> may be of help.</p>
> <p>You can also send e-mail to <email gpg-coord@nm.debian.org> telling
> us where you live exactly (plus naming some big cities close to you), 
> then we can check in the developer database for developers who are 
> near you.</p>

No, this should only be done after you've signed up on the web sited
above and didn't get any reponses for a few weeks.  So: 1. check the
site for someone nearby.  2. if there's noone, sign up.  3. wait.
4. ask gpg-coord@nm.debian.org (or mail -devel).

Martin Michlmayr

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