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Please add my vendor page

Debian editor,

Please add my site to the CD vendor list of the debian site. The following
is the information required to be submitted from your site:

Vendor Name :

URL of Vendor :

Whether or not you donate some of the sale to Debian:

Type of CDs sold (see at the top of page for details):
Official, Vendor release

Country you are in :
United States

Do you ship orders overseas ("yes", "no", "some areas" or "within Europe"):
Some areas

URL of a web page that has information about your Debian CDs :

Email address for sales enquiries :

What architectures your CDs are for. :
i386, Source, Alpha, SPARC, m68k, PPC (More to be added)

I will be sending quarterly a donation to debian of 20% profits from CD
sales, I have also sent a personal $50 thank you for a great distribution.

Best Wishes,

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