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Re: language debian website

* Renier Leenders <rf.leenders@planet.nl> [2003-08-05 01:50]:
> At other multi-language websites the USER can choose in which language he 
> wants to browse the site.

 Like Matt pointed out it is described on
<http://www.debian.org/intro/cn> which is linked at the bottom of each
page, right next to the link you have chosen to get the english version
of the page.

 The problem is just quite big with KDE and Konqueror for the KDE people
think they are more intelligent by not allowing the user to easily set
the prefered language -- you have to edit a configuration file by hand,
like it is written in details on the page.

 ... this reminds me that it might be a good idea to have the browser
settings maybe in a short TOC at the top, and especially surrounded
with a <a name=""> link so one can point people to /intro/cn#konqueror

 Do you (especially the other people on the list) think this is a good

 So long,
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