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Re: mask email address

Thanks for your reply !

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > Have you considered masking e-mail addresses on the public
> > web archives so that spam robots won't pick them up ?
>  Yes, we have considered it but haven't yet found a way that will please
> most. One benefit of the archives is that people can write mails to the
> list or sender in a helpful way.

> > For instance, my work e-mail address made it into this page:
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-m68k-changes/2001/debian-devel-m68k-changes-200106/msg00387.html
>  Funny, I didn't know that the -changes lists are archived, too...

Yes, I was mailing privately to a maintainer, I would never use this
address on a mailing list or bug database... Gotta be careful :)

> > and I am afraid I receive spam because of this.
>  You might be right. Some lists are even archived on different places,
> like in usenet groups (linux.debian.devel e.g., which is reachable
> through web (gmame, google groups) too), so changing them on our
> webarchive only doesn't change much.  But like I said, there are
> discussions going on how to "mask" the addresses so they are still
> usable for people reading the archive and meaning not too much problem
> for them, and on the other hand let the spambots not have it so easy to
> crawl them.
>  If you know a good way (substituding @ to (at) and . to (dot) or
> similar is no good way: It hurts the people using the archive but can
> easily automated by spamcrawlers) please let us know.

Actually, to code in html like this seems to help a lot:


People can then still use cut'n'paste to get the e-mail address, but the
robots doesn't pick it up (so far). One might also insert other non-
displayed html-tags between the letters that will confuse the mean robots.

Best regards,
Tormod Volden

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