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Re: date strings

* Arash Zeini <a.zeini@farsikde.org> [2003-07-30 10:53]:
> While translating date.fa.po I noticed this and other similar strings:
> q{[%]d [%]s-[%]d [%]s}, $sday, $smon_str, $eday, $emon_str
> Am I right in my assumption that these strings are not to be customized in 
> any way?

 Partly right.  They should be customized according to your LC_TIME
locale.  If the date format for your language is different than what it
looks like on the english pages please change it.

 Like, some people who think about starting an en_US fork of the pages
would set the date format to something like MM/DD/YYYY (month first).
Especially the parts with $dateform should be changed (there is textual
content in there), and you might like to add spaces around the dash in
your above example, or add . after the day (like we do for the german

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