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Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by alfie: webwml/danish/events/speakers Makefile

* Kaare Olsen <kaare@nightcall.dk> [2003-07-26 20:40]:
> On Sat, 26 Jul 2003 10:46:16 -0600
> Debian WWW CVS <webmaster@debian.org> wrote:
>> Added files:
>> 	danish/events/speakers: Makefile 
>> Log message:
>> 	Makefile was forgotten.  That's one of the reasons one should use
>> 	copypage.pl!
> Thanks.  Is there a version of copypage.pl which can add/commit Makefiles
> to the repository? ;-)  That's what I forgot.

 Oh.  Well, it could be done, after all cvs add is merely just a check
on the server if the file isn't there already (which might be ignored)
and an addition to the CVS/Entries file.  But I guess it would be just a
dirty hack and rather be discouraged, so I'm not doing a patch.  :)

 So long,
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