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Re: copypage.pl

Bartosz Fe?ski aka fEnIo:

> Can someone explain me why script copypage.pl changes for example string
> © to ? (BTW what's that? ;->)

copypage.pl will replace any named entities with the actual character.
It is supposed to check the encoding for the target language. So in you
case (Polish) it should use ISO 8859-2, where it should not convert
© since the sign is not available.

It works fine for me when I test it (does not convert © for
Polish). Could you give an example on when it goes wrong? It reads the
.wmlrc file from your language subdirectory to find the encoding.

> Why is copypage.pl changing these entities?

Because entities is sometimes used in the English files to help
translators that are using non-iso-8859-1 systems to understand which
characters are used, but for translations that are using these
encodings where the characters are used they just waste space and are
hard to work with, so it tries to be smart and replace them.

It's all my fault, I hate entities used when there's no need to :)

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