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Re: Makefile.common - WMLPROLOG & WMLEPILOG

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 09:22:56AM +0200, Marek ?aska wrote:

> Wow, no errors, but when I looked at the output: index.pl.html -- I found my 
> script inside and only it. So, I propose a patch to Makefile.common, 
> attached. Maybe it's not the simpliest way to make it, working, but it works. 

Sorry, but I don't see you point:
1.) AFAIK Polish will be the third language to use this WML-Feature, so why
bother all others with the noise?
2.) This is well documented:
Multi-byte languages may need special pre- or post-processing of the
.wml files in order to handle the character set properly. This can be
done by changing the variables WMLPROLOG and WMLEPILOG in
webwml/<lang>/Make.lang appropriately. Depending on how your WMLEPILOG
program works, you may need to change the value of WMLOUTFILE.
See the Japanese or Chinese translations for an example. 

See the last sentence.
3.) This is usually a one time change. Even most of your translators
will never have to bother with WMLPROLOG and WMLEPILOG. So why not
accept that the first one who defines this variables has to know what
he's doing?
4.) I believe your patch is flawed, the epilog works not like the
prolog as he gets only the filename not the data.

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