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Added a blurb about the office of the project secretary


        I have added ./english/devel/secretary.wml; and modified
 ./intro/organization.data to point to that file. 

	This page was hard for me to put together (I've never written
 a blurb about myself before, and couching the constitutional language
 in more readable terms without introducing ambiguities was ... not
 easy), and I'd appreciate any content feedback. Since I am, umm,
 renowned for tranpositional typos and run on sentences, I would
 appreciate any proof reading ;-)

	A preview is available at:


The common cormorant, or shag, Lays eggs inside a paper bag; The
reason, you will see, no doubt, Is to keep the lightning out. But what
these unobservant birds Have failed to notice is that herds Of bears
may come with buns And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.
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