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Re: Make mistakes in the coding of websites ! gb2312

[only sent to -www]

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 10:51:45AM +0100, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Îâΰ:
> (I'm moving this to debian-www@lists.debian.org, which is the list for
> our web pages)
> > I use gb2312 to visit http://www.debian.org .
> > this html is gb2312 code.
> >
> > But code of head of html by mistake big5, cause my browser wrong
> > showing gb2312 page of yard.
> Indeed, something seems to have been changed here which shouldn't. The
> simplified Chinese page is correctly EUC-CN-encoded (GB2312) but is
> labeled Big5. I don't know what's happened here, but hopefully one of
> our Chinese translators will be able to fix this.

The <meta> tags in wml::debian::header have been indented, either remove
leading spaces or fix chinese/bin/to*.pl scripts.


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