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Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by jfs: webwml/english/security Makefile ref-table.wml ...

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 01:21:38PM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  If the code is almost the same shouldn't it be possible to make it work
> for both?  I guess it should, haven't taken a look at the script.

	As a matter of fact I tried to make it work only with
make-ref-table.pl. I couldn't get the Makefile to figure out to generate
crossreferences.wml based on make-ref-table.pl's output when installing
even if there is no crossreferences.wml out there.
(so the HTMLDESTFILES/HTMLFILES/WMLFILES definitions which are based on
*.wml do not work).

>  And, I'd like to ask you to rename ref-table.wml to something
> different. It isn't there to produce output by itself so it shouldn't be
> called .wml, this is misleading for translators (and also the stats).

Umm... Templates which contain code and are never translated are also 
called .wml. Why does it matter in this case?

>  It would be nice if the changes could be incorporated into
> make-ref-table again to let it work for both.  Maybe check for a
> commandline option or some defined wml variables, am not sure.
	It's not that easy, I tried. You have to have 'make' run first
make-ref-table.pl to generate crossreferences.wml and then $(WML) it in
order to retrieve the crossreferences.en.html stuff.
	Also, it should only be run whenever the .data files under the
security/ directory are updated.

	The current status separates document (crossreferences.wml)
from data (generated by ref-table.wml) so it's easier to translate now (at
least the header of the page, not the data in the table or the table

	Maybe the following could work

ref-table.inc: make-ref-table.pl \ 
	$(wildcard $(ENGLISHDIR)/security/*/dsa-*.data)
	make-ref-table.pl -p -a >ref-table.inc

crossreferences.$(LANGUAGE).html :: ref-table.inc  \

clean ::
	rm -f ref-table.inc

	I'm adding it to the CVS and removing the ref-table.wml file and
see if it works..


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