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slice not translated?

Hi, I have a problem on a slice translation in doc/devel-manuals page
for the italian language.

If you have a look at page
http://www.debian.org/doc/devel-manuals.it.html just about the "Debian
Developer's Reference" manual, you will see the text "Latest version:"

This is a string used in english/doc/manuals.defs in this line:
<gettext domain="doc">Latest version:</gettext>

but it is not present in english/po/doc.pot. If I touch doc/manual.defs
and then 'make' in english/po nothing happens. This is strange since the
makefile dependencies seems correct to me.

Of course, I may issue the manual command to create a new doc.pot file
and it works correctly:

	> cd english/po
	> ./wmlxgettext.pl doc ../doc/*def*|grep Latest
	msgid "Latest version:"

so I think that something is wrong in the makefile.

Could please someone try to investigate that?

Thank you very much,

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