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CBC Systems -=- Cheap, Reliable Computers - Locally

Dear, listarchives@debian.org!

This is a quick e-mail to let you know about CBC Systems. A Company set up by a local group of highly experienced computer enthusiasts. CBC Systems build Custom made computers for you, which works out cheaper than a computer bought at PC World, for example. Only the parts you will need will be included, for example if you play a lot of games you will need a fast graphics card which you will not otherwise need. If you on the other hand only write up the odd letter, or go on the internet you will not need such a fast graphics card, and this will therefore reduce the cost of the computer. All components come with a 1Yr warranty, so should anything go wrong it will be repaired within days. You will also receive lifetime technical support, so if you ever need any help you can call us, or e-mail us any time of the day.
Our computers start as low as £300, which includes a Monitor, Modem, Keyboard, Mouse, and all the neccessary components to get you started.
Our website has some information, though our webmaster is quickly working to have the site updated. In the meantime, for a quote please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Awaiting your reply,

Owen England
CBC Systems
Head of Sales

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