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        Hi there!

 I just got a mail about the testing.wml file which has some typos and
other mistakes in it.  I fixed most of those but there are some that I'd
like to get an ACK for:

 There are tons of "testing" and "unstable" in the file, both with and
without quotes.  I guess they should all be synced to either have the
quotes or not.  I'm not sure if on some spaces the quotes are missing on
intention so I don't want to fiddle with them.  Can someone with more
authority than me take a look at them and see if the quoting style of
the words testing and unstable can be fixed/improved in that file?

 Thank you in advance,
  * *sigh* I finally upload a fixed get-foo-flags and the next day a new
    upstream comes out.
  * oh, new upstream, btw.
 -- Marcelo E. Magallon, changelog.Debian for wmaker (0.64.0-1)

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