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Re: jigdo availability

On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 07:18:32AM -0600, Richard D. Cook wrote:
> You encourage use of jigdo for downloading cd images and it must be used 
> for DVD images.  Its home page has been off line for two days.

Yep, sorry about that. Due to a broken fiber, the entire academic network
in Munich was cut off. A backup line is now up, the jigdo homepage should
be reachable again.

> It would seem prudent to mirror it somewhere and have links to it on your
> web page.

The forthcoming version of jigdo will probably/hopefully be copied to all 
Debian mirrors' "tools" directories.

BTW, there actually *is* a mirror of the jigdo page on
<cdimage.debian.org/~atterer>, but, erm, cdimage has been offline too...
:-/ Murphy strikes again.

> It seems like poor practice use a single site for critical software
> packages.



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