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ICS (calendar) files for events now being created

And now I have completed the second step of the change I began yesterday.
Now ICS files (Internet Calendar entries) are created for each event
(starting with 2003's events) on the web pages. There is an easy to access
link to download these from the event pages.

However, the web site configuration must probably be updated to set up .ics
to have the MIME type "text/calendar" for any automatic calendar import
support to work.

I have tested to make sure it works fine on my limited check-out (Swedish
and English pages), and I do not see any problems with it. However, I guess
that it will have to be modified for the languages that require
post-processing of output, such as Chinese and Japanese. Especially, the
folding algorithm might not work properly, although the RFC states that the
line should be folded after 75 *octets* of input data, but I don't think
it's wise to fold the line in the middle of a double-byte character.

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