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Bug#123856: [patch] search on packages.debian.org now indexes experimental


I wondered why my brandnew shiny mysql package in experimental is not
shown by the search interface and I guess I've found the reason.

Please try the following patch, it should make swich++ index the
/org/packages.debian.org/www/experimental directory, too.

>From what I can see there's no difference to the other distributions that are
relevant for plain searching.  When a link of a found package is the user is
directed to e.g.
which works for experimental, too.

I guess this now fully closes this bug, but maybe packages can do more
and somewhere experimental is still missing..



ch@gluck:~$ diff -u /org/packages.debian.org/update-indices update-indices 
--- /org/packages.debian.org/update-indices     Fri Dec  6 13:26:05 2002
+++ update-indices      Thu Dec 19 14:24:27 2002
@@ -16,6 +16,6 @@
 #   -e html stable testing unstable
 # version to prune allpackages.html and index.html
-find stable testing unstable \
+find stable testing unstable experimental \
   ! \( -name index.html -o -name allpackages.html \) -a -type f -print \
     | $swishdir/index++ - -v1 -i $swishdir/packages.index -s $swishdir/stop_words

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