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want ads (do you want to work in China?)

Dear friends , welcome to china!    www.acweb.com
have you ever heard of China?
have you ever been to China?
have you some Chinese friends?
do you want to work in China?
do you want to teach Chinese students learning English?
you know? foreign friends are extremly respected in China and they can get more salary than Chinese native persons.
so please contant us immeditealy:

86-10-88354524 ext 21
our website: www.acweb.com

Beijing Office Address: Room 1806 Building 7# Guoxing Garden, No.20 Capital Stadium South Rd. Haidian District, Beijing(100044)
U.S Office:Add:932 Hungerford Drive Suite# 25A ,Rockville,MD 20850 U.S.A

Headquartered in Maryland U.S., A&C International Group (A&C) has its main office at Rockville MD and branch office in Beijing, China. It's aim is the promotion of exchanges between business, culture and people of the US and China. 
for  many Chinese schools are eagerly looking for foreign English teachers,so now we are try best to recommand every applicant comeing to China for working,
China is a big ancient city with profound culture background and enormous development opportunities,Chinese cook is famous through world,Chinese people are quite friendly,no doubt those who would grasp the chance could probably gain more as he expects.

welcome to China! o_0 

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