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apt-get HOWTO

To me, this is trivial, but I've had three complaints from non-Debian
users about this.

On the web site, the link to the Debian APT HOWTO from the documentation
page has the link to the apt-howto package in bold. The different language
versions links say things like "French version" etc. However, the link to
the English language version just says "released version". The people who
have complained have clicked on the apt-howto link, have got a link to the
Debian package itself, and then assumed that that the "released version"
is again a link to the package.

Suggested fix:

1) Put the link to the package at the end of the section, and don't make it

2) Prefix the links to the web version with something like "HTML": ", and
   rename the "Released version" link to "English version".


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