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Re: Pages not making ?

* George Papamichelakis <george@step.gr> [2002-10-30 15:51]:
> I'm using the script for new pages, so that means that I have to
> commit the makefiles also ?

 Yes, you do.  Please take a look before you commited them though that
you have a sync version and not a copied version.  That way you won't
have to check when the english version adds a new subdirectory and such.

 Current (very current, that is) copypage.pl script only supports that
sync Makefiles from now on so you won't have to check for the future,
but for the current ones you haven't commited yet please check before
you do so.

> Peter Karlsson wrote:

.... George, please quote from upside-down so one knows what you are
refering to, and simply delete the parts that you are not refering to,
it speeds up reading for the people that receive your mails, thanks.

 So long,
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