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Re: Statistics on www.debian.org apache logs

On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 05:07:11PM +1100, Craig Small wrote:
> > > I can't find any statistics.  What happens to the logs?
> > 
> > Due to the fact www.d.o is served by another machine, they're on a different
> > place: http://gluck.debian.org/webalizer/
> Someone needs to fix the setup as most of the referals are coming from
> www.debian.org, which is pretty useless statistic.  Need to hide the
> self-referrals.

The self-referrals info could be interesting as well so that we could see if
many people come to a particular page, get lost and go to the Search page
from there. But this isn't exactly obvious from webalizer's output. I'll go
look up how to exclude stuff in webalizer.conf(5).

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