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getting page source

Okay.  I think that I am ready to start making some little fixes
and get my feet wet.  How should I go about getting the wml page
source?  If I should be using the cvs, would someone point me in
the direction of some documentation (I've never used cvs)?

Since I am new to this, I'll start by making fixes to the code
that may seem inconsequential, but would make any move to xhtml
much easier.  For example, there is a <ul> on the debian.org index
where the <li>s are not closed.  This will validate under html
but not xhtml.

There are some other elements in the index that should be lists,
but are not (the security updates spring to mind).  I assume that
these are generated by a script and I would love to tune them
so that they generate lists instead of the current use of <br>s.
With a little use of styling, it should be possible to make the
end result look the same, if the prefence is to avoid bulleted

for now.

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