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Re: [Fwd: Who's using debian?]

* Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> [2002-10-22 13:47]:
> On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 12:18, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>>  It would be more than helpful if the users page can be split up just
>> like the consultants entries or the todo items.  It is nearly impossible
>> to catch up with the additions to the page, once I am finished to be
>> up-to-date with the thing I synced to there are 20++ new entries :/
> I'm not sure exactly how you mean...how should it be split up?
> I just sprinkled in some <h3>s and some <hr/>s though, I hope that
> helps.

 No, I mean each entry should be in it's own single file.  So people can
translate it file for file, and the not translated part would show up in

 Just take a look at how http://www.debian.org/devel/todo/ is managed to
get an idea about how I mean this.

 Have fun,
<Omnic> no, yes, I am planning on doing your application sometime in the next
          few days.
<Omnic> few == 2 or 3... not like, "potato will be released in the next few
          days"                   -- #Debian

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