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Re: request

* psycho <psycho@BitchX.it> [2002-10-11 13:18]:
> Hi, I'm an 23 years old italian debian user/fan; 
> sorry for my bad english.. I hope you can understand me..

 No problem at all, your english isn't that bad.

> In italy there is a big irc network.. AzzurraNet
> (www.azzurranet.org), May I create the official channel
> (#debian.org) of www.debian.org on that network?

 We don't have "official" channels.  If you want to create a channel
named #debian.org the name wouldn't make it official in any way.  Feel
free to do so.

 On the other hand I would sugguest you to use rather #debian.it to make
it clear that it should be in italian language.  english language debian
channels usually just have the name #debian (like on freenode and oftc).
#debian.it should be a useful name, I guess.

 Have fun,
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