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Slides in the DDP CVS

We currently have a web page (http://www.debian.org/events/talks) with
information on some talks that have taken place and pointers to the
slides. However, it is my opinion that we should have some slides (for
common talks, at the very least) in a CVS server. 

Could I make a new CVS area called 'slides' (such as manpages,
manuals.sgml and articles) and include some of the slides (I do have some

However, we should probably decide the preferred format first: HTML?
MagicPoint? TeX? (with Prosper)  Some issues are also de image formats
(jpg? png?)

If nobody objects I will add mgp files and proper Makefiles to compile
them into HTML. Is that fine? 

I tend to forget this issue from year to year until a new congress comes
and I have to update my slides (which does not always happen). I will add,
at the very least slides for the following conferences:

- What is Debian? (aka Debian intro)
- How does Debian work?
- Debian's package management
- Debian security
- Debian i18n



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