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Re: Debian-based distros in a new page?

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Javier [iso-8859-1] Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> Should we write a long page (maybe under misc/) related to this distributions?
> Is it worth it?

I would say most definitely.

I give LAMP (Linux; Apache; MySQL; PHP/Perl) training courses; and
recently had a need for a non-invasive version of Linux to run on MS-only
local government training-centre machines.
(Sadly, UK local government is staffed by low-paid personnel who have
difficulty coping with the demands of the obligatory MS kit, let alone the
problems of responsibility presented to them by freedom of choice of OS.)

My final choice was Knoppix (it leaves nothing behind on the machines, as
has already been pointed out) -- my only problem was convincing the
mentally constipated 'droids running the centre concerned that allowing me
to boot from my own CDs wasn't going to transform their stupid network into a
global pr0n distribution centre, with instant effect.

However, I also carry around a copy of the Bootable Business Card; and am
always actively looking for Debian-based single-CD distributions, for both
practical and advocacy purposes.

Such a page would help me a lot -- I could always point my clients to it
for further reading once I've got them hooked on trying Linux _safely_.
(It would also be useful for keeping *me* up-to-date on what's available.)

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