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Re: minor fix to webwml/english/CD/http-ftp/Makefile

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 03:36:54PM +0200, Martin Quinson wrote:
> Hello, here is a trivial change to the said Makefile. The problem is that
> the french pages depend on $(ENGLISHDIR)/CD/http-ftp/cdimage_mirrors.list,
> and this target is generated in a part embraced in 
> ifeq "$(LANGUAGE)" "en"
> [...]
> endif
> So, I'm not able to test if the translation compiles cleanly if I don't have
> a compiled english tree (which I don't have).
> If it seems ok to you, please commit that stuff. If not, explain me why so
> that I can improve it. 

> -ifeq "$(LANGUAGE)" "en"
>  $(ENGLISHDIR)/CD/http-ftp/cdimage_mirrors.list: \
>    $(ENGLISHDIR)/mirror/mirror_list.pl $(ENGLISHDIR)/mirror/Mirrors.masterlist
>  	$< -m $(word 2,$^) -t cdimages-httpftp > $@
> -endif

I used to do this because it was likely that rebuilding the file with every
translation would screw it up, or something like that, I don't recall any
more. FWIW.

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