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2nd : Request a mailing list debian-user-id@lists.debian.org

I am sorry, this is 2nd sent. 

Dear listmaster of lists.debian.org,

We are in indonesia have a debian user community, we are very proud using
debian especially for package management. Our community in the need of a
mailing list to facilitate us a communication between debian user community
in indosian speak.

We also already have  three debian package mirror in indonesia :
debian.3wsi.net  http://debian.3wsi.net/debian/
gajah.vlsm.org    http://gajah.vlsm.org/debian/
kebo.vlsm.org  http://kebo.vlsm.org/debian/

on behalf debian user  community  in indonesia, I want to request one mailing
list in lists.debian.org debian user that speak indonesian.
Following  is  information about the mailing list I request .

1. Name

2.  Long description
    Mailing list for debian user and developer that speak  indonesian

3. Category

4.  Subscription policy
     Allowed subscribe is who can speak in indonesian language, subscribe
     request will approved by listmaster.

5.  Post policy

6. web-archive

7. Short description
    debian user and developer that speak indonesian

8. listmaster
   - Nasir Simbolon <nasir@3wsi.net>
   - Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim <rms46@ui.edu>
   - Bambang Purnomosidi D.P. <bambangpdp@yahoo.com>

We are very happy if you can approve our request.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Nasir Simbolon


Nasir Simbolon


Nasir Simbolon

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