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Re: po/Makefile thing...

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 12:09:06PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>         Hi!
>  I usually check with ./check_trans.pl -M -q from now to then to take a
> look at outdated makefiles -- and have a question about that new
> po/Makefile that is inserted.
>  I remember that Dennis once spoke that they have in the french part
> mostly just such one-line makefiles. I am not comfortable with those,
> but I guess they fulfil their purpose.  So I haven't to touch that
> Makefile anymore regardless of how often the english Makefile is
> updated.  Is that right?


>  Would it be possible to add some piece of code to check_trans.pl that
> checks for such special Makefiles and never diplays their diff?  It is a
> little bit distracting and misleading...  Or shall I change all the
> remaining german Makefiles to such constructs to not have to check the
> Makefiles anymore?
>  I'm a little bit puzzled by that, but I hope you can grok what I mean
> with the things I write :)

Basically I do not want to impose any good solution ;)
If you do not like german/po/Makefile, you may copy English Makefile,
I won't overwrite it.
If you think these oneliners are helpful, then fix all your Makefiles
and remove -M flag from check_trans.pl command line.  Here is what I
did under webwml/french/ directory:
  for f in `find . -name Makefile`
      diff $f ../english/$f > /dev/null || echo $f
Then check differences, if you want to keep some Makefiles, remove them
and run
  find . -name Makefile -exec cp po/Makefile {} \;
  cvs update <removed_makefiles>
  cvs commit


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