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Re: Debian-Med is missing from devel/Projects

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Josip Rodin wrote:

> > What about this suggestion for change?
> The point is, this the Developers' Corner. You're not supposed to have
> anything user-centered there! :)
Ahh, point taken ;-).

So start from scratch with my intention:

When beeing on LinuxTag in Karlsruhe I was often asked by people about
Debian-Med and Debian-Junior.  Moreover I'm often confronted by people
who think that those internal projects are forks from Debian.  I think
we have a need for a user centered description of thee projects.

This could consist of a short description of the projects, hints to
possible further internal projects and the main goals, especially that
we really do not want to fork from Debian but want to make Debian
better for a special user profile.

The main ideas are explained in my talk which can be read at


(Damn, as I see it is just translated into Swedish and I did not
 yet managed to translate my own talk into my own mother language.
 Pater, you can make me crazy! ;-)) )


Kind regards


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